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Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 10,000.00 - Circulated $9.00
SELL 10,000.00 - Circulated IQD $5.00
OFFICIAL 10,000.00 - Circulated IQD 0
Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 10,000.00 - Uncirculated $11.50
SELL 10,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD $6.50
OFFICIAL 10,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD 0
Indonesian Rupiah IDR
BUY 50,000.00 $5.25
SELL 50,000.00 IDR $2.70
OFFICIAL 50,000.00 IDR $3.24
Vietnamese Dong VND
BUY 100,000.00 $9.00
SELL 100,000.00 VND $4.00
OFFICIAL 100,000.00 VND $4.31
Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 25,000.00 - Circulated $22.50
SELL 25,000.00 - Circulated IQD $9.75
OFFICIAL 25,000.00 - Circulated IQD $17.20
Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 50,000.00 - Circulated $45.00
SELL 50,000.00 - Circulated IQD $19.50
OFFICIAL 50,000.00 - Circulated IQD $34.41
Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 25,000.00 - Uncirculated $29.50
SELL 25,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD $13.50
OFFICIAL 25,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD $60.00
Iraqi Dinar IQD
BUY 50,000.00 - Uncirculated $59.00
SELL 50,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD $27.00
OFFICIAL 50,000.00 - Uncirculated IQD $75.00
South African Rand ZAR
BUY 100.00 $8.36
SELL 100.00 ZAR $4.02
OFFICIAL 100.00 ZAR $5.43
Brazilian Real BRL
BUY 100.00 $27.20
SELL 100.00 BRL $13.10
OFFICIAL 100.00 BRL $17.68
Turkish Lira TRY
BUY 100.00 $4.66
SELL 100.00 TRY $2.24
OFFICIAL 100.00 TRY $3.03
South Korean Won KRW
BUY 10,000.00 $11.10
SELL 10,000.00 KRW $5.34
OFFICIAL 10,000.00 KRW $7.21
Norwegian Krone NOK
BUY 100.00 $13.92
SELL 100.00 NOK $6.70
OFFICIAL 100.00 NOK $9.05
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
BUY 100.00 $19.71
SELL 100.00 HKD $9.49
OFFICIAL 100.00 HKD $12.81
Singapore Dollar SGD
BUY 100.00 $114.44
SELL 100.00 SGD $55.10
OFFICIAL 100.00 SGD $74.39
New Zealand Dollar NZD
BUY 100.00 $90.98
SELL 100.00 NZD $43.80
OFFICIAL 100.00 NZD $59.13
Mexican Peso MXN
BUY 1,000.00 $83.46
SELL 1,000.00 MXN $40.18
OFFICIAL 1,000.00 MXN $54.25
Swedish Krona SEK
BUY 1,000.00 $142.61
SELL 1,000.00 SEK $68.66
OFFICIAL 1,000.00 SEK $92.70
Chinese Yuan CNY
BUY 1,000.00 $212.08
SELL 1,000.00 CNY $102.11
OFFICIAL 1,000.00 CNY $137.85
Swiss Franc CHF
BUY 100.00 $174.23
SELL 100.00 CHF $83.89
OFFICIAL 100.00 CHF $113.25
Canadian Dollar CAD
BUY 100.00 $111.33
SELL 100.00 CAD $53.60
OFFICIAL 100.00 CAD $72.36
Australian Dollar AUD
BUY 100.00 $100.64
SELL 100.00 AUD $48.45
OFFICIAL 100.00 AUD $65.41
British Pound GBP
BUY 100.00 $198.30
SELL 100.00 GBP $95.48
OFFICIAL 100.00 GBP $128.89
European Euro EUR
BUY 100.00 $166.77
SELL 100.00 EUR $80.30
OFFICIAL 100.00 EUR $108.40
Japanese Yen JPY
BUY 10,000.00 $105.48
SELL 10,000.00 JPY $84.80
OFFICIAL 10,000.00 JPY $94.93
Indonesian Rupiah IDR
BUY 100,000.00 $10.50
SELL 100,000.00 IDR $5.40
OFFICIAL 100,000.00 IDR $6.47
Vietnamese Dong VND
BUY 500,000.00 $48.00
SELL 500,000.00 VND $20.00
OFFICIAL 500,000.00 VND $30.57
Vietnamese Dong VND
BUY 200,000.00 $18.00
SELL 200,000.00 VND $8.00
OFFICIAL 200,000.00 VND $8.63

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US First Exchange is the only mail-order currency exchange company that is licensed by the federal government and many state agencies to operate throughout the United States. We have a proven history of providing secure shipping and financial services to our customers. We are third-generation currency brokers with years of experience in money services, currency exchange, and currency authentication. We use the latest technology to authenticate your currency and provide our clients with full customer support

We follow the same web and cyber security practices used by banks and financial institutions. US First Exchange is also the only mail-order currency exchanger that provides 100% insurance coverage for all orders.

As a licensed Money Service Business, US First Exchange operates in compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations. Under these regulations, a copy of a current ID is required for all transactions. This and other information we collect is not shared externally, but we must retain it in the event of an audit. The US Department of Treasury established these guidelines to identify people who might be illegally laundering money. This is known as the “know your customer” rules, outlined under the Patriot Act Compliance.

Yes. We will ship to the address on your order. Someone over the age of 18 will need to sign for the package. International purchases and deliveries depend on the country and availability of service. Alaska and Hawaii are considered international.

Yes. US First Exchange will charge your card as a miscellaneous transaction. If you’re unsure of your card issuers policies or your daily charge limit, contact your card issuer for more information.

US First Exchange accepts multiple payment options. We accept bank wire, cashier’s check, money order, bank draft, ACH, and credit or debit cards.

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