Frequently Asked Questions

US First Exchange is the only mail-order currency exchange company that is licensed by the federal government and many state agencies to operate throughout the United States. We have a proven history of providing secure shipping and financial services to our customers. We are third-generation currency brokers with years of experience in money services, currency exchange, and currency authentication. We use the latest technology to authenticate your currency and provide our clients with full customer support.

We follow the same web and cyber security practices used by banks and financial institutions. US First Exchange is also the only mail-order currency exchanger that provides 100% insurance coverage for all orders.

As a licensed Money Service Business, US First Exchange operates in compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations. Under these regulations, a copy of a current ID is required for all transactions. This and other information we collect is not shared externally, but we must retain it in the event of an audit. The US Department of Treasury established these guidelines to identify people who might be illegally laundering money. This is known as the “know your customer” rules, outlined under the Patriot Act Compliance.

Yes. We will ship to the address on your order. Someone over the age of 18 will need to sign for the package. International purchases and deliveries depend on the country and availability of service. Alaska and Hawaii are considered international.

Yes. US First Exchange will charge your card as a miscellaneous transaction. If you’re unsure of your card issuers policies or your daily charge limit, contact your card issuer for more information.

US First Exchange accepts multiple payment options. We accept bank wire, cashier’s check, money order, bank draft, ACH, and credit or debit cards.

Much of this depends on your shipping and payment methods. For card payments, it takes 3 days for the payment to clear before we ship. Checks can vary based on banking verification. We ship within 24 hours of funds clearing. If you’re making a purchase, you can select between next-business-day and 2-business day delivery options.

No. Selling your currency or a “redemption transaction” is separate from a purchase transaction. If you complete a redemption transaction, we pay for your currency in US dollars via direct deposit (known as ACH) or corporate check. Purchase transactions are paid for via our multiple payment options.

US First Exchange is a currency exchange company. We do not provide financial advice of any kind. We do offer information on individual currencies, but we encourage you to research and understand currency exchange before making a purchase.

You are "Locked In" at the current buy rate when you place your order.

They come from the National or Central bank of the specified country.

All sales are final. Once you purchase a currency, you receive it at the purchase price.

We do not allow returns. However, you can sell currency your purchased from us at a future date. We will pay the fair market rate for the currency.

There are some basic risks you should understand before purchasing foreign currencies. The value of your foreign currency may go down over time, there is no guarantee any foreign currency will increase in relation to US dollars. We encourage all customers to do their own research and fully understand the risks involved in currency exchange before purchasing any foreign currency.

Outside of investing or collecting, travel is one reason people buy from us. It’s always good to have currency in the country you will be visiting. Often times, electronic forms of payment such as credit cards are not available. Having cash on hand prevents you from being in a situation where you do not have any money.

US First Exchange does not have a maximum transaction limit. You can exchange any amount of currency you like. However, for large transactions, additional individual or business identification and verification will be required.

Normal handling time is 2 business days but most orders are shipped within 24 hrs after receipt of funds.

If you’re buying currency from US First Exchange, your shipping options and delivery times may vary based on your geographical area. If you live in the continental United States, you can select 2-3 business days (FedEx Express) or overnight delivery (FedEx Overnight). Alaska and Hawaii are considered international.

When your order ships, you’ll receive a FedEx tracking number for your package. You can also watch the progress of your order through your account.

Go to our live exchange rate tracker to see the exchange rates offered by US First Exchange. Note that the exchange rates offered by US First Exchange are not the same rates you’ll see on the FOREX markets. US First Exchange reserves the right to set retail exchange rates at it sees fit, and rates for different currencies may change on a day-to-day basis. We always aim to provide the most competitive rates on the market.

US First Exchange reserves the right to refuse any order if it appears an order will violate state or federal banking, money laundering, or other MSB regulations. If we have received payment for an order and your order is refused, you will be fully refunded.

We have a redundant verification process. We work with multiple currency wholesalers throughout the world. Each currency is processed through branded authenticity verification. Because we are familiar with all the counterfeiting measures each country embeds in their currency, we do a visual inspection for those particular markers. Currency security features are often items such as ultraviolet ink, embedded security threads, watermarks, metallic inks, or color changing symbols. We also scan every note and for a record of their serial numbers to protect your purchase.

No. We are glad you have chosen to do business with us, and we’re happy to fulfill orders of any size.

No. You can purchase any size order you like. However, please note that state and national governments may require you to report large foreign currency purchases to regulatory authorities (see below). Your home country may place restrictions on restrictions on ownership of foreign currency.

No. The US Government does not place restrictions on the amount of foreign currency a US citizen can own. US citizens may also use foreign currency as legal tender in the US if the other party is willing to accept it for payments.

Businesses must report any purchase of foreign currency with values equal to or greater than $10,000. Individuals are not required to report such purchases. Because we are a money services business (MSB), we are required to keep detailed records of all currency transactions in the event we are audited by the federal government.

We recommend speaking to a tax professional if this a concern. Federal tax law changes frequently, and an accountant familiar with current tax laws should have up-to-date information about the tax consequences of selling foreign currency for a profit. Be sure to keep detailed records when you sell currency (including profits and losses) in case you are required to pay taxes.

We offer multiple ways for you to receive your funds. You can receive your funds as a printable check in your email, a physical check in the mail, or an ACH transfer direct to your bank account.

Great questions. If the FAQs don’t have your question, use the search feature on our website. If that doesn’t help either use our contact form or live chat and we will answer your question directly. We look forward to these questions, because there is a good chance your question will become part of the FAQs.

Checks can vary based on banking verification. This can be between 3 to 5 business days. We ship within 24 hours of funds clearing.