Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Dashboard


IQD Iraqi Dinar
USD US Dollar
Official Rate:
1 USD =666.6667 IQD
Last updated May 17th, 2024 01:05:45


  • ISO 4217 code: IQD
  • Currency symbol: ID / د.ع
  • Central Bank: Central Bank of Iraq
  • Banknote denominations:
  1. 50 IQD
  2. 100 IQD
  3. 250 IQD
  4. 500 IQD
  5. 1,000 IQD
  6. 5,000 IQD
  7. 10,000 IQD
  8. 25,000 IQD

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Why Choose US First Exchange to Buy or Sell Iraqi Dinar Online

Iraqi Dinar Availability

Competitive Rates

Multiple Payment Methods

The Iraqi dinar has low liquidity, so it is not easy to find a substantial amount of Iraqi dinars to buy or an exchange to sell to. But not at US First Exchange. We always have Iraqi dinars available to sell in the quantity you need and will buy any amount you wish to trade. US First Exchange offers competitive rates when buying or selling Iraqi dinars. It is up to you to choose the perfect time to trade, while we provide you with the optimal way to do so. For your convenience, we offer multiple payment methods if you are buying Iraqi dinars. Choose what suits you most - paying by credit card, bank draft, or wire transfer. If you are selling Iraqi dinars, simply send us physical currency and we will transfer your money into your account.

High-Grade Banknotes

Delivery to Your Chosen Address

Insured Iraqi Dinar Shipping

At US First Exchange, we only deal in quality. If you buy Iraqi dinars from us, you can expect to receive preserved, high-grade Iraqi dinar banknotes. We will deliver your package wherever you need us to. Whether it’s to your home, workplace, or some other location, simply tell us what works for you and we will follow your instructions. If you are afraid of your package getting stolen or lost in transit, we offer full-value shipping insurance, regardless of the amount of currency you are shipping.

Iraqi Dinar FAQ

Who Sets the IQD Exchange Rate?

The Iraqi Dinar (IQD) exchange rate is determined by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) and remains constant unless altered by the central bank itself. The Iraqi government prints Iraq money and establishes the designated rates for both buying and selling the currency.

What Countries Accept the Iraqi Dinar?

The Iraqi Dinar is the official national currency of Iraq and is primarily used and accepted as legal tender within Iraq, its country of origin. While it may not be accepted as a direct form of payment outside of Iraq, you can exchange it for USD or other currencies on international currency exchange platforms such as USFX.

Where Can I Sell My Iraqi Dinar?

You can buy or sell Iraqi Dinars at competitive rates via our registered, licensed, and federally regulated currency exchange services. Easily order your Iraqi dinars or another currency via our user-friendly online platform, and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery within 24-48 hours. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for all shipments and the market's most competitive spreads.

Some banks and financial institutions may also provide currency exchange services. However, it's best to avoid depending on your local bank due to their substantial spreads and potential reluctance to accept Iraqi Dinar without imposing significant exchange fees.

How Do I Know that the Iraqi Dinar Is Authentic?

Ensuring the authenticity of any currency, including the Iraqi Dinar, is paramount. To identify counterfeit Iraqi Dinars, look for authenticity indicators on the bills, such as a security thread, raised letters, watermarks, metallic inks, and a distinctive glow under UV light.

To guarantee the legitimacy of the Iraqi Dinar at USFirst Exchange, we rely on advanced De La Rue machines, renowned for their accuracy in verifying NID notes.

Will Iraqi Dinar Revalue in 2023?

In February 2023, the Central Bank of Iraq announced an increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar, setting a new 10% stronger exchange rate. This change took effect on February 8th, reflecting a significant shift in the currency's value, and a long-term increase is expected, according to forecasts.

However, it's essential to recognize that various factors can influence currency values, which may lead to fluctuations over time. Sign up for our exchange rate alerts to keep track of the Iraqi Dinar value – we’ll keep you posted.

Does Anyone Buy Iraqi Dinar?

Yes, there is a market for buying and selling Iraqi Dinars. Individuals traveling to Iraq, collectors, and investors engage in purchasing the Iraqi Dinar.

Numerous individuals have concerns about the ease of selling purchased Iraqi Dinars. Contrary to this misconception, the Iraqi Dinar holds substantial demand as a functional currency beyond its role as a collectible or investment. Numerous currency brokers, such as US First Exchange, will gladly buy Iraqi Dinars.

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