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Brazilian Real (BRL) Dashboard


BRL Brazilian Real
USD US Dollar
Official Rate:
1 USD =4.881 BRL
Last updated December 4th, 2023 03:12:02


  • ISO 4217 code: BRL
  • Currency symbol:  R$
  • Central Bank: Central Bank of Brazil
  • Banknote denominations:
  1. 2 BRL
  2. 5 BRL
  3. 10 BRL
  4. 20 BRL
  5. 50 BRL
  6. 100 BRL
  7. 200 BRL

Historical Real Banknote Series, 1994-2010

  • 1 BRL
  • 2 BRL
  • 5 BRL
  • 10 BRL
  • 20 BRL
  • 50 BRL
  • 100 BRL

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