If you’ve completed your sell order and you’re ready to ship, follow the instructions below to ensure your notes are not damaged during shipping.


Sort Your Currency

Sort your notes by denomination and condition. We accept circulated and uncirculated notes. Notes with large tears or notes that have been shredded will not be accepted by US First Exchange.

Uncirculated Notes

New currenies that have never been used in commerce.

Circulated Notes

Currencies that have been used, and show signs of handling.


Use Secure Packaging Materials

It's best to pack your currency inside a secure envelope so it's not visible from outside.

Privacy is important

Remember, if you can see valuables through the envelope, so can a thief.

Use recommended envelopes

Manila envelopes, Kraft envelopes or padded mail envelopes work well.

Secure your notes

Use rubber bands or paper clips to hold your notes.

Please Read Carefully

It's important to understand that loose notes may be damaged during shipment. Damaged notes may not be accepted by US First Exchange.


Prepare Your Package for Shipping

Include your printed invoice

Put a copy of your printed invoice inside the envelope.

Write invoice number on your package

Write your invoice number on the outside of the package.

Make your package tamper-proof

You should make the package tamper-proof by taping over any edges, corners or folds that may allow easy access.

Use a box for larger orders

If your order won’t fit into an envelope, use a shipping box from your nearest FedEx, USPS, or UPS branch.


What to do next?

Keep your shipment private

Never show anything valuable to strangers, and don't tell shipping clerks that your package contains currency.

Don’t wait to ship your package

Pack and ship your currency as soon as possible. Your sell price is only "locked in" for 7 days as market prices may change.

Email us your tracking number and invoice number

As soon as you ship your package, email us your tracking number and your invoice number so we can monitor your shipment.

Include a printed copy of your invoice in your package

Please remember to (A) put a paper copy of our invoice inside the package, and (B) write the invoice number in a visible place on the outside of your package. This will help us expedite processing for your order.

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