The Best Things to Do in China on Your Next Visit

February 14th, 2023

If we mention the largest country in the world, we all know that it is China, but did you know how many interesting destinations it has and how big it is in terms of its sights, culture, history, and attractions? We will provide you with all the information you need for your tour in this country and you will learn all about the beauties, highlights, and all the things to do in China.

Over 55 million travelers from all over the world come to China every year and visit some of the world's most beautiful scenery, the most urban cities, get to know Chinese customs, and want to experience the world's greatest natural attractions. In this text, we’ll summarize their experiences and help you plan your trip.

So, let’s get to it.

What Are the Most Popular Cities in China?

Everyone knows China has the largest population in the world, but did you know there are more than 100 cities in China that have over a million inhabitants? We will list the 5 largest and most popular cities to visit, and we believe that should be enough for you to experience China in the right way.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely a city worth visiting. What makes it stand out from all other cities? It is rich in history and culture, so if you want to know more about China and its past, this country will amaze you.

This city is specific for its glamour, so if you are a shopaholic, you can treat yourself to luxury shopping. It exudes an energy that you can only feel if you come to this city. 

But, if you want to escape from the hustle of the city, the activities in nature will make your stay here unforgettable. Mountains, islands and beautiful beaches, long hiking trails, and fishing villages are just some of the must-visit places in Hong Kong.

Some of the interesting places you can see are the Hong Kong Skyline, Victoria Peak, Big Buddha Statue, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Star Ferry.


There are many attractions to see in Shanghai, so this largest Chinese city is definitely on the list of the best cities in China that you must visit. As a tourist, you can first visit the quieter historical districts and get to know the culture of the people who lived here. 

A lot of museums and art galleries are places that are also worth seeing, such as the Shanghai Museum and the China Museum of Art. After this part of the trip, you can embark on an adventure of visiting exciting places in this city. For example, you can explore China's coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River and visit the world's busiest container port.

Here are the top 5 must-sees things in Shanghai:

  1. Shanghai's Oldest Green Space: Yu Garden

  2. Shanghai's Promenade: The Bund

  3. Historic Longhua Temple and Pagoda

  4. Xujiahui Cathedral and the Sheshan Basilica

  5. Shanghai Disney Resort

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Beijing, the capital and political center of China, is located in the northwest of the North China Plain. It is a very important city in the economic, cultural, scientific, and academic sense. While visiting this city, you can see various attractions, including the Great Wall of China at Badaling, Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, Coal Hill Park, and Tiananmen Square. This city has a highly developed network of roads, railways, and air traffic.

This town is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and after Shanghai, it is the second city with the highest profit in China. What will certainly interest you as a tourist is that Beijing is one of the cycling capitals of the world.


Do you want to visit the "Venice of the East"? Then this romantic city on the water will provide you with a unique experience. If you like cities that stand out for their estuaries, canals, gardens, and nature, then Suzhou is the right choice for you. This city is really worth seeing and will definitely stay in your memory. 

It is famous for its water cities, Chinese gardens, very delicious food, and Suzhou silk which you can buy and have as a souvenir from this place.

The best places you should definitely see are Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill–Culture Symbol of Suzhou, Shantang Street, Suzhou Museum, and Jinji Lake - Modern Sights in Suzhou.

Suzhou is famous for its beautiful Chinese gardens where you can spend your free time. Real architectural gems are hidden in nature, among many small lakes and tall trees. So if you want to reach the most beautiful places in China, you need to go a long way. But, in the end, that effort pays off.

Canton (Guangzhou)

Guangzhou is a large port city located northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River.

Guangzhou is one of the 10 most popular tourist areas in China that attracts many foreigners to the city every year.

During your visit, you can experience entertainment, make the cheapest purchases in well-known shopping centers, and as for the sights, you can visit important cultural and historical monuments.

The Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things To Do in China 

Given that this country can boast of beautiful cities, sights, nature, and customs, it constantly attracts tourists.

In China, you can see the contrast between the modern and the ancient, a culture that dates back many centuries. It has maintained its uniqueness, and we will reveal to you the best activities and things to do in China and the top attractions you should see when you visit this exciting country. 

Here are the top-rated tourist attractions and fun things to do in China:

  1. Cultural tours – Due to its diverse culture and customs, it is not surprising that China is long-lived because it dates back to ancient times. If you want a cultural tour of China, pay attention to a few places without which your visit to this country must not pass. Guizhou (Miao Culture and Handicrafts), Tibet (Tibetan Culture), Hangzhou (Tea Culture, Chinese Medicine), Luoyang (Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese Buddhism), and Guizhou (Miao Culture and Handicrafts) are just some of the most beautiful places to visit in China that will take your breath away;

  2. Hiking trails – Mountain climbing is very popular in China and has been booming for the past few years. It is interesting that Enke's most famous mountain paths have been places of pilgrimage for centuries. Whether you're visiting Mountain Tai or passing between the observation decks on the Great Wall, you'll encounter stunning places with beautiful views of natural beauty. Some of the best places for this kind of adventure are Mount Tai, Emei Mountain, Mount Wuntai, Gonggar Mountain, Hengshan Mountain;

  3. Nature and Wildlife tours – Some of China's irresistible tourist attractions lie in its natural wealth and wild nature. If you're an enthusiast of wildlife and exciting landscapes, the area around Sichuan offers an interesting mix of China's wildlife diversity. In the Hengduan Mountains in this province, you can find dramatic peaks, encounter giant pandas, pheasants, and the Pallas's cat. We believe that these stunning landscapes will mesmerize you and that China's wild nature will set your pulse racing in the most positive way possible.

Useful Tips During Your Visit to China 

China is an enormous country with different cities, people, sights, cultures, and customs, so before visiting this country you should pick up a few tips to make your stay easier.

These are 5 important things you should know:

  • Use the language application for tourists;

  • Bring a good quality camera to capture the best of China;

  • Get a tea education;

  • Find out about the Chinese currency;

  • Use the best guides for travelers.

To make your trip to China easy and beautiful, follow these useful tips.

Are you ready for an Exciting Trip to China?

We hope that in this text you have found information about cities, attractions, and all the things to do in China that you would like to see. If you are ready for a further trip to this exciting Asian country, be prepared for various adventures that will remain in your memory. 

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