15 Unique Things to Do in Singapore

February 14th, 2023

Don’t let it fool you! Even if it is a small country, there are lots of things to do in Singapore. From food to shopping, culture to sports, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. This city-state in Southeast Asia is known for its stability, safety, and prosperity.

Singapore is home to many tourist attractions such as the famous Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay, and Universal Studios. There are also numerous attractions, historical landmarks and museums worth visiting, whether you’re planning to spend just half a day or a week there we guarantee you’ll enjoy the visit.

With its diverse range of attractions, there’s something for everyone in Singapore. To inspire you, we made this list of the 15 best places and unique things to do in Singapore.

1. Visit the Botanic Garden

Singapore is a city unlike any other. Its dynamic cultural scene, nightlife, delicious food, and fascinating history have made it a popular travel destination. One of the most mesmerizing things to do in Singapore is to visit the Botanic Garden.

The Botanic Garden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore. This lush garden features a variety of exotic plants that will take your breath away. You will find flowers, trees, and plants that are found only in Singapore. This kaleidoscope of natural colors and shapes will certainly leave you speechless.

2. Koon Seng Road

Singapore is a city of innovation and creativity, and Koon Seng Road represents the colorfulness of the nation, often overlooked due to its supercolossal buildings. This street will not only spice up your Instagram feed, but it will also transport you into the local culture and vibe.

Koon Seng Road has colorful and visually appealing architecture, and many visitors enjoy it for the local shops and restaurants. This is a perfect place to rest from all the adventures and trips in Singapore.

3. Sentosa Island

Singapore is a city unlike any other. Its dynamic cultural scene, nightlife, delicious food, and fascinating history have made it a popular travel destination. Sentosa Island is one of those places in Singapore that you just can’t skip - a stunning attraction.

Sentosa Island hosts Universal Studios Singapore, alluring man-made beaches with imported Malaysian sand, and a skyline for transport and panoramic views. If you like golfing, the best thing to do in Singapore for you would be to play on the courses of the Sentosa Golf Club - the two biggest courses in the city.

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4. Marina Bay Sands

Watching down from the Marina Bay Sands is one of the most exquisite things to do in Singapore. This hotel offers you a Skypark Observatory on its 57th floor, from which you can see Lion City and a lot more.

If you can afford it, try and book a room in the hotel. Not only that the rooms are out-of-this-world luxurious, but the guests of the hotel are granted access to the rooftop pool. One of the coolest things to do in Singapore, and maybe even in general, is to swim on top of the world.

5. Go on a Night Safari

Going on a safari when you’re traveling to any Asian country is a must. However, there is something special about the Singapore Safari experience. We recommend taking the night tour, as the chances of meeting wildlife in their natural habitat are much higher.

Singapore offers a river safari as well, where you can explore marine wildlife. Singapore River is home to the Chinese giant salamander, the electric eel, the giant panda, and the giant river otter.

6. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay are the national gardens of Singapore. It is a unique spectacle of undeniable beauty and innovative horticultural functionality. This place is essentially a museum of plants from all around the world, presented in the most unique way, so it is both amusing and educational.

Plants at night in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

There is a Flower Dome, with thousands of flowers inside it. The Cloud Forest is the place of the biggest indoor waterfall in Asia and has some of the most exotic plants you’ll ever see in person.

7. The Esplanade

If you’re lucky, catch a show in The Esplanade - otherwise known by the locals as the Durian. This integral part of the Singapore skyline hosts artists from all genres. You can listen to a pop star one day, and listen to an opera the next.

Either way, being in the audience in the Esplanade is once in a lifetime experience and one of the most fun things to do in Singapore.

8. Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum is home to the rich history and culture of the Peranakans, one of the indigenous groups in Singapore. This museum holds art and history passed on for centuries on this land, and it holds a special place in locals’ hearts.

If you’re interested in Peranakan cuisine, taste the food in the only Micheline-starred Peranakan restaurant in the world - Candlenut - the tastiest thing to do in Singapore.

9. Southern Ridges

The best thing to do in Singapore for avid hikers is to take a 10-kilometer walk around the Southern Ridges. This trail connects three Singapore public parks in the south of the country - Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park, and Mount Faber.

Southern Ridges is a unique thing to see in Singapore, and what makes it so special is the way that these parks are interconnected by bridges. Modern bridges of steel offer a juxtaposition to the nature that they’re surrounded by - this backdrop will stay with you long after you arrive home.

10. Haji Lane - Gelam Gallery

Haji Lane is famous for being the narrowest street in the world. The vendors on two sides of the street are almost a handshake away from each other at all times and it feels so intimate. You’ll want to shop in that intimate atmosphere, as the designers and artists present their creations to you in a way to make you feel like you’re the only customer to ever come through those doors.

Haji Lane has amazing food options, mostly Middle Eastern, for you to try. And let’s not forget the main reason why you should visit this place - Gelam Gallery. Two streets away from the Haji Lane is Muscat Street - the place of Singapore’s first outdoor gallery.

More than anything, there are mosaic artworks and murals painted on the walls of the street. Visiting Gelam Gallery is the ideal thing to do in Singapore if you are an art enthusiast.

11. Red Light District

Singapore's only legal Red Light District is located on the eastern edge of the inland city and has over 100 shophouses. During the day it is a popular tourist spot, and a cultural sight, where many can come and experience Singapore's working-class vibe.

At night, this place is no family-friendly spot, there are no filters, and experiencing Red Light District means experiencing Singapore from an insider’s view.

12. Jurong Bird Park

Bird-watchers will have a lot of fun in this place - Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park houses hundreds of different types of birds. Thousands of birds live in this aviary, which has strong conservation goals.

There are exhibits, where you can go into their world. Visit the Penguin Coast exhibit and walk with the penguins, or the Lory Loft exhibit, and stand on a bridge surrounded by flying lories and lorikeets.

13. Singapore’s Cat Island

St. John's Island is the most unique place in Singapore. It is a hyperbolized cat cafe - a stunning attraction for every age. There are hundreds of cats living their best lives all around the island. They are people-friendly and love to steal a cuddle from visitors.

The best thing to do on Singapore’s Cat Island, besides cat-watching, is to visit some of its beaches. This place is very calm and doesn’t have a lot of crowds, as it has a turbulent history of being the quarantine center and the place for opium addicts.

14. Singapore ZOO

Singapore is one of the first countries that established an open concept zoo, and that is why this spot is on this list. Looking at an animal in a cage stops being amusing as you grow older and as we progress as a society. That’s why Singapore ZOO hosts animals in wide enclosures with a compatible landscape.

15. Pulau Ubin

If you get tired of the urbanism and innovations of Singapore, take a walk around Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore’s last surviving kampongs. This is the perfect thing to do in Singapore for nature enthusiasts and those who want to explore nature trails.

The abundant flora and fauna will lead you through the trails and to the most amazing panoramic view of the island. There are old granite quarries left from back in the day, and you can get lucky with bird watching - Singapore has a rich and diverse birdlife.

How to Save Money While in Singapore

If you are looking for a good time in Singapore, but you are on a budget - here are some tricks to save you money. Singapore is not cheap for its tourists, but there are hostels that offer semi-affordable accommodation.

Skip taxis and take public transport and take a walk whenever it’s possible. This will save you hundreds of Singapore dollars. There are many online discounts for tickets, passes, and other costs that will help you stay within your budget.

Learn more about the Singapore dollar to find additional information about avoiding scams and traveling on a budget to Singapore.

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