What is Currency Conversion?

March 22nd, 2023

Currency conversion involves the relationship between 2 currencies “pairs.” For example, if you converted US dollars to Euros. The first currency listed is the base currency and the second is the comparison currency.

For example, if you were looking at EUR/USD. You are asking: “1 Euro is worth how many US dollars?”

When looking at any currency conversion, it is helpful to understand several terms. You will notice that rates can vary among calculator, so it is helpful to understand where calculators are pulling their rates from.

Sell rate

This is the rate at which foreign currency is sold in exchange for a local currency. If you are heading to Europe or want to transfer money there, you will exchange your US dollars for Euros using the sell rate. You are selling your US Dollars for Euros.

Buy Rate

If you want to buy foreign currency in exchange for local money when you are traveling, you will exchange at the buy rate. If you came back from Europe with currency in your pocket and needed to convert it back to US dollars, this would be the Buy Rate. You are buying US Dollars with Euros.

Cross Rate

This rate is used when people want to exchange two different currencies, not involving their local currency. For example, if you are in the US but wanted to exchange your Euros for Canadian dollars, you would pay the cross rate.

Base Rate (Mid-market or Interbank) Rate

You will often see currency quoted in the base rate. It is also known as the mid-market or interbank rate or even a wholesale rate. This is the rate that banks use to exchange currency with each other.

The base rate is derived as a mid-point between the bid and ask rate. Bid and ask rates include profit margins and overheads of the money providers.

Retail Exchange Rate

The retail exchange rate is the rate that banks, money transfer, and retailers providers use for consumers. Sometimes fees will be added on top of the rates.

How Does Currency Conversion Work?

Currency Conversion Chart Graph

Maybe you want to do some currency conversion yourself, or at least understand how the math works. It does not require complicated algorithms or high-level mathematics. It is basic multiplication or division.

Once you have your list of exchange rates, you easily do the math as follows:

For example, let looks at the EUR and the USD.

In your rate sheet, you see that 1 EUR equals 1.125 USD

If converting from EUR to USD, multiply the amount you want by the exchange value.

For example, 500 EUR times 1.125 equals 562.50 USD.

If converting back into USD, you would divide the amount by the rate.


For example, 500 USD divided by 1.125 equals 444.44 USD.

If you are looking at the rates and see them listed as EUR/USD, when you go left to right you multiply and when you go right to left you divide.Now you know how to do simple conversion, but who has time for all that math. That is where currency converters become very convenient. Let’s now examine the best online currency converters!

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Top 8 Currency Converters on the Web


This is a UK based conversion site. The tool allows you to generate real-time exchange rates of one currency against hundreds of other foreign currencies. Many converters advertise real-time, but it is helpful to understand what that means. In the case of Currency Converter, they refresh their rates every 5 minutes based on currency markets.

The website also provides information about currency investing and currency news. Their prime business is a money transfer service.They also provide JavaScript code for others to add a currency converter widget to their own sites.


XE is a popular foreign exchange tool. XE’s business model is similar to Currency Converter. They are ultimately an international money transfer service.Their site is sleek and easy to use, also providing charts to track the performance of a currency over time. This is a nice resource for those looking to invest in currencies.

XE does use mid-market rates. This is the mid-point between the rate a currency can be bought and sold. These are not transactional rates.


OANDA began in 1996 and is a Forex broker and trading platform. They also provide money transfer services. They have a strong reputation in the online currency community and provides plenty of technical help and analysis for currency traders.

The currency converter is easy to use and provides instant charts and trends along with the bid and ask pricing. Their rate are part of their proprietary tool called OANDA rates. This is a compilation of rates from market data around the world.Furthermore, they have branched out beyond currency and allow trading in commodities, metals, indices, and bonds.

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise does have an easy-to-use converter. However, it is difficult to find on their site, and you have to hunt for it. They are a currency transfer service. If you are looking to transfer money, they do provide you the rates of other transfer services so you can compare prices among all the services available.

Like XE they use mid-market rates in their currency converter.


Like Wise, Exiap is a money transfer site, and owned by Wise. They do have a currency converter that does provide basic information, but if you are looking for detailed technical analysis of a currency, it will be difficult to find.Exiap uses wholesale exchange rates in their converter.


X-Rates has an older looking platform but provides a lot of data beyond simple currency conversion. They do provide conversion for many of the world’s currencies, but not every currency. For instance, many exotic currencies such as the Iraqi Dinar can not be found there.

X-Rates generates revenue not from money services like other converter sites, but by selling ad space on their site. Sometimes the ads can slow down the performance on the site.It’s not clear from where X-Rates derives their currency conversion information.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance does provide currency conversion for the most popular currency pair along with several cryptocurencies. It is a great place for financial information but does not always have the detailed currency information you may find on other sites.Yahoo uses Market rates for their conversions.


Of course, we couldn’t forget Google. In fact, you probably used it before. If you typed in “convert 1 USD to IQD” you would have got a currency exchange rate. You don’t get all the financial data, but it is good for a quick conversion.Google derives their currency rates from Morningstar.

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How Does Currency Conversion Work

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