Can I Buy Iraqi Dinar with a Credit Card?

February 15th, 2023

You made the decision to purchase international currency such as the Iraqi Dinar, but you are wondering how you have to do the transaction. Do you send cash or check to a broker? Can you go down to your local bank and get it?

Like most transactions today, most people prefer online transactions. But can you purchase currency online with a debit or credit card like you do with items from Amazon or Ebay? It all depends...

You don’t always need to go through an airport kiosk, your local bank, or a currency exchange store. If you use the right service to exchange foreign currency online, you can buy Iraqi Dinar with a credit card, as well as other exotic currencies like Vietnamese Dong. Before you just use any currency exchange or online service to buy Iraqi Dinar and other exotic currencies, here’s what you should consider.

Don’t Use Kiosks or Banks

If you are at an ATM, airport kiosk, or even a bank, there will be fees and less-than-favorable exchange rates when you use your credit card to purchase foreign currency. Many times, using a credit card in these scenarios will be considered a cash advance, so the interest rates and fees can be higher than normal purchases.

The other problem you may run into is the type of currency you are looking to buy. Many US banks don’t sell or offer a wide range of currencies, in particular exotic currencies like the Iraqi Dinar. For example, you can jump onto the Bank of America website and search currencies to buy. You won’t find the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, or other currencies from Africa, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia.

So what if you are looking for the convenience of buying currency like the Iraqi Dinar or some other exotic currency online, whether it be for investing or travel. You want it to come straight to your house and you want to purchase it securely. The only way to purchase is through an online currency exchange.

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Using Online Currency Exchanges

If you want to buy foreign currencies like the Iraqi Dinar online, and use your credit card for the purchase, where do you go? An online currency exchanger is the answer. However there are a handful of things to consider:

Do they sell physical currency?

Many of the online foreign currency exchange services only trade digital. You can purchase currency, but you won’t hold any physical money. It is stored in a digital online account and held physically at a bank. This does have the advantage of allowing you to move currencies around quickly, but there are security concerns when everything is digital. Also, the money may not be so easy to spend when traveling.

Are they registered as a money services business with the US Treasury?

This is important because many online currency exchanges are phishing operations. They look legitimate, but they are designed to capture and steal your information. This is dangerous. Make sure any exchange you may choose to use for transactions is registered as a money services business with FinCEN. 

Do they use a secure payment processor?

Is the site using the latest technology to secure your payments when you are buying or selling foreign currencies? An online foreign currency exchange should use a well-known payment processor that accepts major credit cards or bank wires. Also, make sure their shipping practices are secure, and that your order is fully insured and certified.

Do they have other payment options?

Are you required to send a check or cash to purchase? Can you do wire transfers? Do they have a credit card option to purchase currency? These are important to consider because they help with the ease of transaction as well as the security involved in any financial transaction.

Key Points

Yes, you can buy Iraqi Dinar with a credit card on many websites. At US First Exchange, we are set up to process credit card transactions for all currencies we deal in. We also have other payment options like paypal, money. We are registered as a money services business with the US Treasury, and we use the latest security protocols to protect customer data and transactions. 

If you’re an investor, collector, or traveler and you want to buy Iraqi Dinar with a credit card, don’t go to a bank or unregistered company to order foreign currency online. At US First Exchange, we also give you the tools to make decisions about currencies. You can order foreign currency online and have your money shipped straight to your door in 24-48 hours. All shipments are fully insured for home delivery, and we pride ourselves on having the industry’s lowest spreads.

Try our currency converter or sign up for our exchange rate alerts to keep track of your favorite currencies.

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Are you ready to buy your currency? Stop waiting and request a Shipping Kit. We will provide everything you need to ship and receive funds for currencies you own.

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